What a great time we had at Two Creeks! I’ve played this venue for years and it’s always such a pleasure to step up on to that stage. Rick Taves always gives us a warm welcome. We talk about our hopes for a great audience, check the weather and then we get busy – setting up our equipment and CD table. Sound technician Brian Cobby is always ready and waiting for us to do our soundcheck. And, as its Two Creeks, the audience always arrives early, to stake out their favourite spot to set up the lawn chairs and get comfortable for our two hour show. Most know they can also get a great hot dog or hamburger from the local Scouts – it’s picnic time too!

I really love it when the audience starts to arrive, as I can go out and have a little visit with our wonderful friends who come year after to year to enjoy our music. We’re so thankful for the support. And Rick always gives us such a great introduction – with a reminder of what a wonderful conservation area, Two Creeks is… and then, the all important question “Are you ready for some great music???” It’s Two Creeks Summertime. So much fun. I can’t wait for next year!
The Dale

Two Creeks Summertime
Every year at this time I drive by the sign
I see my name and it makes me smile
It’s two creeks summertime
The band is here to stay
No better place to play
We’ll share a thousand songs
You can sing along
On the lake in Wheatley town
It’s two creeks summertime
Its show time on this forest stage
Rick gets on the mic
He loves this place all year long
It’s two creeks summertime
Sunday night you park your car
And gather on the hill
You pick your spot right by your friends
The music fills the air
Dale’s music fills the air

Dale & Judy Butler (August 10, 2015)

Dale Butler introducing the band at Two Creeks