When Dale’s Friday Coffee House kicked off its ninth season on September 30th, I was very pleased to introduce Jan Hall from Folk Roots Radio as our new co-host.

Jan has many years of experience as a radio host/producer and is a big fan of the folk scene, having attended many festivals, concerts, coffee houses and home concerts. Jan and her partner Susan Wheeler of Sureen Web Design moved to Leamington a few months ago, and they quite quickly found their way down to The Bank Theatre for Dale’s Friday Coffee House. The rest, as they say, is history.

After meeting Jan, a friendship based on our shared love of music and the promotion of local and touring artists began. And having been asked by Jan to do a spot on her radio programme, and seeing her in action at the Kingsville Folk Festival as a stage MC, I knew it was the right thing to invite her to join me on stage for Dale’s Friday Coffee House. And not only is Jan doing that, she’s also recording interviews with the coffee house performers prior to their appearance on stage for the Cogeco TV show. Let’s just say that having Jan join the crew, has been a great fit!

Jan is also involved in another new venture that has developed from the coffee house, The Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions – an opportunity for local and touring musicians to record a video session for Cogeco TV. I was asked to be the host for the new series, but Jan was happy to take on this roll allowing me to spend more time producing the show and indulging my own love of photography and film. The Sun Parlour Coffee House sessions are filmed in Kingsville at Quantum Sound Productions studio. We will soon have a website up where you can check out the artist sessions online – stay tuned for more details.

Jan Hall interviewing Linda Girard for the Dale's Friday Coffee House TV show

Jan Hall interviewing Linda Girard for the Dale’s Friday Coffee House TV show